Question: How long is shipping? When will I get my Super Console X after I order?

Answer: Typically our customers receive their orders within 10 to 20 days (after we process the order). Some countries sooner than others. We process every new order during the first week of purchase.

Question: Is the console ready to use?

Answer: The console is plug-and-play. Just plug the HDMI cable to your TV, the AC adapter to a power outlet, and your USB controller to start playing. No additional configuration or downloads are required.

Question: Does the console work with A/V and modern TVs?

Answer: Yes. The Super Console X works perfectly on older tvs and all modern televisions: HD, 4K, and even 8K with an HDMI port available.

Question: Can I save my games on the console?

Answer: Yes you can! We don’t want you to start each game from the beginning over and over again. There are 1,000s of games to play – gotta have a save option. We got you!

Question: What controllers are compatible?

Answer: XBOX, PS3, PS4, 8Bitdo, Hori, Madcatz and many other arcade controllers and gamepads are compatible with our consoles. Some are Bluetooth compatible.

Question: Can I add more of my own games and roms?

Answer: Yes you can! You can add games by using an external USB flash or hard drive.

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